Sichuan Center for Diseases Control

Sichuan Center for Diseases Control and Prevention is a provincial public welfare institution which was formed by the approval of Sichuan Provincial Government on 11th,Janurary, 2002 on the basis of the former Provincial Health and Epidemic Prevention Station, Provincial Labour Health and Occupational Diseases Prevention and Treatment Institute, Provincial Parasitic Diseases Prevention and Treatment Institute, Provincial Endemic Diseases Prevention and Treatment Institute and Provincial Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment Institute. Another two signboards of the Center are “Sichuan Center for Health Surveillance and Detection” and “Sichuan Academy of Preventive Medical Science”. According to the law, the Center performs the function of disease control and prevention, public health emergency response, epidemic information reporting and information management on health-related factor, hazard factor surveillance and intervention, laboratory detection analysis and evaluation, health education and health promotion as well as the guidance on the research of the management and application of techniques.

The Center consists of 9 administrative divisions and 16 professional institutes staffed by the health professionals with middle and senior professional titles engaging in diseases control and prevention, health surveillance and detection, among them 36 experts with senior professional title are rewarded by the government subsidy. .

The laboratories in the Center are equipped with following large and precious equipments:

DNA Sequencer,

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrograph (ICP-MS),

PCR Quantitative Analyzer,

High-Performance-Liquid-Chromatograph (HILC),

Gas-Chromatograph + Mass-Spectrograph (GC-MS),

Automatic Amino Acid Analyzer,

Automatic Biochemical Analyzer,

Automatic Microbes Analyzer,  

γ Energy Spectrometer

Atomic Fluorescence Photometer

X-ray machine (800 mA).

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